Documents for Walk Leaders 

Here are the latest versions of documents for use by walk leaders.

The documents below can be downloaded and printed locally, if you need your own copy.

Covid Guidelines.pdf Covid Guidelines.pdf
Size : 146.66 Kb
Type : pdf
Zurich Policy 2022 to 2023.pdf Zurich Policy 2022 to 2023.pdf
Size : 132.774 Kb
Type : pdf
wl-notice.pdf wl-notice.pdf
Size : 27.367 Kb
Type : pdf
WAF flyer number 1.pdf WAF flyer number 1.pdf
Size : 578.836 Kb
Type : pdf
WAF flyer number 2.pdf WAF flyer number 2.pdf
Size : 220.57 Kb
Type : pdf
walk register May 2018.pdf walk register May 2018.pdf
Size : 90.825 Kb
Type : pdf
risk assessment jul 2017.pdf risk assessment jul 2017.pdf
Size : 297.196 Kb
Type : pdf
accident report jul 2017.pdf accident report jul 2017.pdf
Size : 294.389 Kb
Type : pdf
Advice on Dogs jul 2017.pdf Advice on Dogs jul 2017.pdf
Size : 20.005 Kb
Type : pdf
Walk Leaders Guidelines.pdf Walk Leaders Guidelines.pdf
Size : 153.063 Kb
Type : pdf
Insurance Certificate

Insurance Certificate.pdf Insurance Certificate.pdf
Size : 71.069 Kb
Type : pdf
GDPR Policy

Data Protection Policy.pdf Data Protection Policy.pdf
Size : 83.814 Kb
Type : pdf

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